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Is organic makeup better for your skin?

To many people, organic makeup seems to be the last thing on their minds when it comes to their skin. But does organic and natural makeup offer a healthier and better alternative to conventional cosmetics?

Chemicals that may affect our health creep into our lifestyles. Laundry, skincare, haircare, deodorants, drink bottles. They're all sources of chemicals that build up our exposure and add more to the environment.

And what do we say here at It's Organic Darling? When you want the best, you know to choose organic!

So, have you considered changing to use organic makeup?

Why change to using organic makeup?

Three reasons we think organic makeup is better for our skin:

1.  Organic makeup reduces our daily toxic load
    Regular makeup is often high in petroleum-based ingredients and other chemicals that may harm our health - especially if we're exposed to these ingredients from multiple sources.

    Organic cosmetics are often recommended as a safe alternative to conventional products because they contain fewer chemicals and are produced in an eco-friendly manner. Organic makeup is free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and dyes.

    Reducing our daily toxic load can help to improve the health of our whole body, not just skin!
    2.  Organic makeup contains nutrients that improve our skin quality
      Organic makeup is often packed with vitamins and minerals that can improve our skin. Essential oils and natural vegetable and plant oils contain natural goodies that help our skin glow and stay moisturised.
      So, whether it’s a makeup primer, foundation, mascara or powder, choosing organic makeup can have long term benefits for your skin - improving skin tone and preventing dryness, nourishing and protecting your skin!

      3.  The quality of organic makeup means a little goes a long way

      Great quality organic makeup, like our Inika makeup products, is packed with nourishing ingredients, which means a little goes a long way. Because the foundations, primers and powders all keep nourishing your skin, your skin doesn’t feel so dry - needing less coverage!

      How do I switch from regular to organic makeup?

      Is it just as simple as adding one to the bin and buying a new set?

      We don’t like waste, so we suggest you:

      • Replace old makeup when it runs out or gets to its expiration date
      • Change the products that you use everyday first
      • Thoroughly clean your makeup brushes and sponges
      • Keep an eye on the expiration date of your new organic makeup as they don’t contain synthetic preservatives.

      We love our range of organic makeups.
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