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Natural Deodorant NZ

Take the sweat out of your day with organic, natural deodorant in NZ that leave you smelling sweet, all day long.  PS - if you have ever reacted to a natural deodorant it's likely the baking soda... so look for a baking soda free (BSF) option darling!

Natural Deodorant NZ
Bee Fresh Deodorant
$18.00 NZD

Buy organic, natural deodorants and anti-chafe stick online

Whatever the weather, stress, and activity you do, our range of natural deodorants and anti-chafe sticks fight BO and keep you smelling delish!

Natural Deodorant NZ

Everkind Organic Deodorant - Ultra Stick

Stay fresh as a daisy with this ultra-gentle, ultra-effective deodorant stick. Free from chemical nasties, the ultra formula is scented with mānuka, lavender, and geranium rose essential oils. The convenient push-up stick is eco-friendly and compostable and won the Canadian Clean Beauty Awards prize for Best in Odour Care in 2020.

Bee Fresh Deodorant

Made with only natural and organic ingredients that have bacteria inhibiting properties, this deodorant does not prevent sweat, but rather absorbs it and stops BO in its tracks. This natural deodorant contains:

  • Baking soda
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Shea butter
  • Citrus essential oil

Kaia Naturals - The Underarm Bar

Harnessing the goodness of activated charcoal (see our Binchotan Charcoal products to learn more about what charcoal can do!), this underarm bar provides a protective barrier against odour-causing bacteria.

Rustic Maka - Mystic River

Featuring a crisp eucalyptus and lime scent that smells divine, the Mystic River prebiotic deodorant provides that invigorating, fresh out of the shower feeling. Baking soda-free for sensitive skin.

Rustic Maka - Sweet Lemonade Natural Deodorant

Sweet citrus takes the forefront in this playful deodorant. It smells amazing and is 100% free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

EverKind Organic Deodorant - Wildwoods Stick

Sporting the strength and endurance of organic spearmint, kānuka, and cypress essential oils - wear this eco-friendly stick to smell great and keep cool in the wild.

EverKind Organic Deodorant - Refresh Stick

Considered by many to be the best natural deodorant for anyone living an active lifestyle, this deodorant is formulated with organic kānuka, lavender true, and spearmint. Be kind to your body and the planet with sustainable skincare practices. This product was voted NZ Organic Product of the Year in 2018!

Rustic Maka - Luna Bliss Natural Deodorant

Delivering effective odour protection all day, Luna Bliss is baking soda-free and fortified with moisture-absorbing activated charcoal. Enjoy its blissfully clean scent that combines with a light floral aroma.

EverKind - Sunshine Stick

This is the best natural deodorant for super sensitive underarms. Free from fragrances and baking soda, this NZ organic product provides pure odour busting performance using jojoba and camellia oils.

Rustic Maka - Lemongrass

This natural deodorant is fortified with certified organic ingredients, is cruelty-free, and smells great. Unlike non-natural deodorants, this product is free from aluminium and other harsh chemicals.

Kaia Naturals - Sakura Blossom Deodorant

Detox with charcoal! Activated charcoal draws out toxins from your pores, fights odour-causing bacteria, and is the ultimate ingredient in aluminium-free deodorant.

Eco by Sonya - Lemongrass Deodorant

Lemongrass, lime, lemon, and eucalyptus invigorate the senses, neutralise odour, and keep you fresh all day! To ensure your sensitive skin doesn't dry out, this product is reinforced with organic shea and cacao seed butter.

EverKind - Triumph Stick

EverKind provides some of the best natural deodorant products in New Zealand. If you have sensitive skin, Triumph could be your new go-to, combating strong odours with natural ingredients, including supplement-quality marine magnesium, kānuka, eucalyptus, and mint.

Shop natural deodorants

Treat your body and the planet better by shopping our range of natural deodorants. It's Organic, Darling!