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Huskee Cups NZ

Say goodbye to takeaway coffee cups and hello to designer Huskee cups in NZ. At home or on the go, we love Huskee reusable coffee cups that repurpose waste material from harvesting the coffee bean.

Huskee Cups NZ

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Stop right there, darling. Takeaway coffee cups are not okay. But what do you do when you're rushed and Must Have Coffee? It's simple, really: choose a reusable coffee cup with a lid instead!

Huskee Cups NZ

Huskee coffee cups use material produced from the coffee husk as the basis for their super stylish, super durable cups.

They're BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, comfortable to hold, and they keep your coffee hotter for longer (or tea, if you prefer).

Whether you are looking for a reusable cup to use at home or something with a lid, Huskee has an option perfect for you.

At It's Organic Darling, our eco-friendly products don't stop at natural skincare. We actively look for ways to bring sustainability into every aspect of our lives.

It's your turn to reduce New Zealand landfill waste by choosing reusable coffee cups for your cuppas. Discover our collection of Huskee cups today.

Huskee Cup - Cup & Lid Combo

Featuring fins that offer exceptional insulation, a lid that you can squeeze with one hand, and drain slots on the base, this cup is available in the following sizes:

  • 6OZ
  • 8OZ
  • 12OZ
  • 16OZ

And the following two colours - with no dyes used, just the colour of the husk:

  • Charcoal
  • Natural

These ultra-durable cups can take a beating in daily service and are perfect for you to take anywhere.

Huskee Cup - Saucers 4 Pack

These universal saucers are the perfect way for you to complete your Huskee cup collection. With a simple and elegant design, the Huskee saucers perfectly complement the cups and ensure they are centred. Choose between natural or charcoal colourways.

Huskee Cup - Lids 4 Pack

Huskee Cup lids feature triangulated vents on the top, increasing the aromatics as you drink your coffee and enabling the ideal pour. They fit on any sized Huskee cup, and you can choose between natural or charcoal colourways.

Huskee Cup - Cups 4 Pack

Get a pack of four so you never forget your Huskee cup. All made from coffee husk organic waste material - you can trust that It's Organic, Darling.

Huskee Cup - Set of 2

Get the 3OZ cup and saucer stack together for mess-free cuppas at home. Choose between charcoal and natural colourways.

Bundles - Hot

The perfect gift bundle for that special someone, you can get an 8OZ Huskee reusable coffee cup with a packet of divine hot chocolate orblets boxed, wrapped, and ready to go!

Bundles - Mother's Day

Get your darling mama a gift she will love on Mother's Day or any other time of the year. This special gift pack includes an 8OZ Huskee cup, a scrumptious She Universe chocolate bar, and a free pack of organic coffee or tea - whatever she prefers!

It's Organic Coffee Husk, Darling

Stop being complacent about the massive impact of disposable coffee cups, and buy a Huskee reusable coffee cup today.