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Shakti Mat NZ

Are you looking for a Shakti Mat in NZ? Check out our range of certified organic acupressure mats. Made in India with 100% certified organic cotton, It's Organic, Darling!

Shakti Mat NZ

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We can't function without a good night's sleep. But hours sitting at a desk, back pain, and stiff muscles all prevent us from sleeping well. Acupressure is a natural and safe way to help us sleep, ease our muscles, and reduce pain. Fantastic!

Shakti Mat NZ

The Shakti acupressure mat is made from 100% organic cotton, natural dyes, and recyclable, non-toxic plastic. The mats are ethically made in India, providing support for the women who make Shakti Mats and their families.

To use your Shakti Mat, simply lie on it and let the acupressure pads ease away headaches, stress, and tense muscles. Shakti Mats help you achieve better sleep and relaxation. We can feel ourselves drifting away just thinking about it!

At It's Organic, Darling, we provide quality and sustainable health and wellness products, from natural deodorants to mats that function as your own personal home masseuse! Shop for your Shakti Mat today.

Shakti Mat Original - Green

Unlock the benefits of the Shakti acupressure mat to ease your mind and relax your body in the comfort of your own home.

Shakti Mat Original - Black

The Shakti Mat starts working its magic in just 20 minutes. Sharp plastic spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles, supporting healthy blood flow, muscle relaxation, and stress relief.

Shakti Mat Original - Orange

Acupressure has been a practice in various forms for thousands of years. The Shakti Mat is a spiky mat that allows for easy self-treatment time and time again for the price of a single massage. Enjoy the deep acupressure effect of the 6000 single points.

Shakti Mat - Pink

By encouraging healthy circulation and blood flow, the Shakti Mat helps your body relax so you can fall asleep more easily. This relief from stress relaxes your body and mind. You will feel more rested on the daily - phew!

Shakti Mat Light - Yellow

Use your Shakti Mat daily for increased relaxation throughout your everyday life. The gentlest of the Shakti Mats, with 8000 spikes, the Yellow variety is more suitable for elderly people and anyone more sensitive to pain.

Shakti Mat - Acupressure Pillow

Designed to target the neck and shoulders with the goodness of acupressure, the Shakti Pillow sits comfortably under the neck for gentle but effective pressure. Use it on its own or in combination with the Shakti Mat.

Available through It's Organic, Darling in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink

Shakti Mat - Indigo (advanced)

The Shakti Mat advanced has 2000 fewer spikes than the Original mat design, designed for those who want to have a more intense experience. More weight goes into each point, increasing the effect - so we recommend this product for high-grade athletes or those more accustomed to Shakti Mats.

Shakti Mat Bag

With the Shakti Happiness bag, you can make happiness your habit wherever you go. This tote carry bag is perfect for easy transportation and storage of your Shakti Mat.

Shop Shakti Mats today

The Shakti Mat was invented by the Swedish yogi Om Mokshananda. Either stand, lie or sit on it, and you will soon start feeling the benefits of ancient acupressure techniques combined with modern technology.

Shop for yours today!