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Manuka Biotic

Manuka Biotia is a New Zealand Manuka farm that has been operating on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand for over 20 years. They distil their own Manuka essential oil that is 100% certified organic and naturally produced from plants which grow wild on their farm.

Their plants are harvested by hand and while it’s a labour-intensive task we feel it’s worth it as it allows them to select the best parts of the tree to create the finest quality organic Manuka oil.

Manuka oil has long been valued for its amazing health properties and is used in all of their products along with other natural ingredients that compliment the manuka oil and provide you with an effective natural product free from nasty chemicals. We hope you enjoy using their products and find them beneficial to your body’s health.

They pride themselves on sustainable farming methods and their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Their plants grow wild on their farm and while it is possible to trim them once a year which allows plenty of time for regrowth. They are fortunate to have enough of them so that they only use about 5-10% of the plants available on the farm in any year. So, this gives plenty of options in maintaining the health of the Manuka plants and doesn’t place any pressure on them.

There is nothing wasted within the whole process with every part of the plant being used and possibilities for all the by-products. The essential oil comes from the leaves of the Manuka plant and once it has been steaming distilled the leftover foliage, leaves and branches make excellent gardening mulch. The water used during the steam distillation process is recycled back into the system or it can be stored for use in a range of secondary products.

Manuka Biotic