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The Shakti Mat Review- Do acupressure mats actually work?

Colourful and spiky- the Shakti Mat. No doubt you’ve seen it on your evening scroll through social media, promoting mind and body balance through the art of acupressure. But do they really work?

Acupressure mats are increasingly common in New Zealand, with many swearing by their numerous benefits from chronic pain to anxiety. The way they work is quite simple, darling.

Acupressure is an Eastern Medicine technique which involves applied pressure or stimulation to certain points along the human body- believed to directly influence the ‘meridians’ and the flow of energy.

The Shakti Mat uses the same healing principles of acupressure to aid various ailments including pain management, sleep/relaxation support and general vitality. Added bonus? These benefits can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes a day, in the comfort of your own space.

Keep reading to learn whether these nifty acupressure mats get straight to the point- no pun intended.

Why you should use The Shakti Mat

Various holistic practitioners offer acupressure treatments in New Zealand. This is generally targeted to one area respectively and can prove costly over time. Clinics are also often difficult to source in less populated regions.

Having the option to use The Shakti Mat ‘as and when’ is, frankly, incredible. With a long standing reputation dating back 2000 years, the benefits of acupressure have been well documented and backed up by various studies.

A 2012 investigation showed promise when using acupressure for pain. Candidates that presented with neck and lower back pain were split into two groups. Researchers noticed a significant reduction in pain in the subjects using acupressure. In New York, a study of 126 subjects found that 98% of participants reported a decrease in pain and 94% found enhanced sleep quality.

Consequently, a whopping 81% of participants saw boosted energy levels throughout the day. 96% saw an increased sense of wellbeing and relaxation. The research is still ongoing but shows promise in many areas of wellness.

How do acupressure mats work?

Does it hurt?

Described as a modern bed of nails, The Shakti Mat is steadily gaining popularity in New Zealand. One of the most common questions we are asked is whether the experience will be uncomfortable. When using The Shakti Mat the first few times, it is normal for your body to have some degree of discomfort. After a few minutes, discomfort tends to settle into a warm feeling as mental and physical pain begin to ease. The golden rule- everyone is different!

For some, the experience can be uncomfortable at first. Often the body goes into 'resistance mode' due to any stress you may be carrying physically or mentally. After around 3-5 minutes, however, discomfort tends to transition into relaxation. Everyone is different. So while someone might take to The Shakti Mat straight away, you may take a couple of weeks to adjust.

If you are pregnant, epileptic or suffer from coagulation or cardiovascular conditions, we advise you to consult your health professional. Additionally, any significant skin damage should be looked over, especially open or inflamed wounds.

All Shakti Mats have thousands of acupressure points which gently encourage the release of endorphins and feelings of calm. Blood and lymph sees improved circulation which helps to detox the body and stimulate healing.

Why choose The Shakti Mat?

Of course, there are many acupressure mats on the New Zealand market. Why does The Shakti Mat keep coming out on top?

Quality. Local craftspeople create each Shakti Mat by hand in India, using 100% organic cotton and dyes. These mats are found to be more durable and effective, lasting for many years.

Sustainable. Non-toxic, a reduced carbon footprint- better for you, New Zealand and the Earth.All employees are paid a living wage, with medical and education benefits.

There are several Shakti mats to choose from, depending on your comfort.

The Shakti Light (Yellow) is recommended for elderly or those with a medical condition making them more hypersensitive to pain. The Shakti Original (Orange, Black, Pink or Green) is recommended to 90% of people- a great all rounder. The Shakti Advanced (Indigo) is recommended if you have a strong pain threshold or need deep tissue work. Some people choose to use this after using the Original Mat for a while.

Alternatively, you could start with the Shakti Pillow. Perfect for beginners and designed to relieve tension in the neck, lower back, feet and legs.

Where to buy Shakti Mat in New Zealand

Here at It’s Organic Darling we pride ourselves on stocking all levels of The Shakti Mat, Pillows and carry bags. Add to your self care routine and finish off with our deeply relaxing magnesium lavender body butter. It works. Go on, try it.

After all, it’s only the best for you darling.