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5 reasons you should switch to a natural deodorant

Okay, so summer’s coming, armpits are on show and the sweat-potential is rising! How can switching to a natural deodorant help?

Many people make the decision to swap to a natural deodorant when they're wanting to reduce the number of chemicals in their daily routines. And, old-style deodorants are packed with chemicals. 

At It’s Organic Darling we have a HUGE range of natural, organic deodorants - with and without baking soda. 

But I know there are heaps of questions about whether natural deodorant stops you sweating or stops body odour. 

I’m going to answer your questions with these 5 reasons why you should switch to a natural deodorant.

Reduce your daily toxin exposure

There are a lot of toxins in deodorants, such as aluminium. Aluminium is a neurotoxin that has been linked to many health conditions. Deodorants are also a source of parabens; chemicals that mimic oestrogen. But, deodorants aren’t the only products that contain aluminium or other chemicals. Yes, toothpaste, shampoos and conditioners are other sources we use every day. But choosing natural, organic and chemical-free deodorants is another way we can cut down on our total daily toxin exposure.

Allows you to sweat naturally

Sweating may seem unpleasant, but it's really important to keep us healthy! Sweating helps regulate our body temperature. The chemicals in conventional deodorants stop our body sweating - not good when we're trying to help our body function naturally. 

Stops body odour

Body odour happens when natural bacteria found on our body mixes with sweat. Traditional deodorants that use aluminium and synthetic chemicals build up on the skin, blocking the sweat pores which makes the B.O. worse. Natural deodorants stop body odour by absorbing the sweat in the armpits while still allowing your body to regulate normally. 

Reduce skin rashes 

For a lot of people, skin bumps and rashes under their pits are a nasty, irritating side-effect of using deodorants.  You know how I said that traditional deodorants build up on the skin and block the pores? Well, this is why conventional deodorants can cause uncomfortable, inflamed armpits. Switching to an organic aluminium-free deodorant is the natural choice to make your skin smoother and softer. If you are more sensitive or have had a rash in the past then we definitely recommend one of our baking soda free options, check our Rustic MAKA for over 10 BSF scents and they smell divine!  We love this range so much we will give your money back if you are not happy!

Stop clothes staining

You pop on that nice black t-shirt and the next thing you know there are white streaks staining your clothes! Ah, the frustration of deodorant! Conventional deodorants can leave stains on dark clothing and yellow marks on white clothes! You can't win either way. Clothes staining isn't a problem with natural and chemical-free deodorants.

There are so many reasons to switch to a natural deodorant. Switching to a natural deodorant doesn't have to be scary! We stock so many different brands, you're sure to find one that will suit you.

Check out our range of:

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  • Baking soda and bicarb-free deodorants (for sensitive skin)
  • Scented and unscented natural deodorants
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Choose your natural, organic deodorant from our range.