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How to choose eco-friendly gifts that delight in 2021 AND 2022

Giving gifts is one of the ways we show we care. Choosing a gift that is eco-friendly, recycled or makes use of reusable materials is one way we show we care for our planet as much as we care for our people!

As much as we love giving and getting gifts, let’s get real. Many end up in the back of the cupboard or in the charity box. 

So our mission is to find an eco-friendly, reusable gift that is useful, practical and delights!

Here’s our checklist to help you choose the perfect reusable gifts that show love for people and the planet!

1. Practical doesn’t need to be boring!

    Choosing a practical eco-friendly gift doesn’t need to be boring! We’ve found that often products that are made from recycled or reused materials are stylish and intriguing! 

    2. Make it easy to be eco-friendly

    Giving an eco-friendly gift can be the prompt someone needs to start their reduce, reuse and recycle habit! Your gift might be the little kick-start they need to get going. Choose something they can get heaps of use out of.

    3. Leave it up to them!

    Buying a virtual gift card allows you to show you care and allows your special someone to choose what they really want. So you reduce the risk of your carefully chosen gift not quite meeting the mark! 

    Eco-friendly gifts for the environmentally friendly  person in your life

    For busy friends and family

    We love Huskee on-the-go cups. Not only are they stylish AND practical, but they’re also made from repurposed waste left over from coffee husks! How’s that for recycled materials! The stylish design doubles as a way to help insulate the cups. So the contents stay piping hot for longer. You won’t believe the colour is achieved from the colour of the coffee husk - no dyes are used!

    Huskee 8 oz cup - charcoal

    Huskee 8 oz cup - natural

    Eco-fitness gifts

    Plastic drink bottles are one of the worst offenders when it comes to waste. But staying hydrated when out exercising is important. Onya makes it easy for us to stay hydrated AND respect the environment. Their stainless steel drink bottles come in a range of vibrant colours. They’re designed for use on the go, with ergonomic curves and a robust yet light design to stop dents from being knocked around. 

    Onya 500ml stainless steel drink bottle 

    Eco-gifts for the men in your life

    A clear winner in our eco-gifts for men is the Onya side bag.  

    Made from recycled plastic drink bottles and in a range of colours we think the Onya side bag is versatile, practical and the perfect gift for men. It’s lightweight, can fit a laptop or tablet, has secure internal pockets and looks fab!

    For eco-kids

    More kids are thinking about the environment. We love Cali Woods Coconut Wood Cutlery as a little gift for eco-kids. 

    They’re perfect for picnics and packed lunch boxes and made from reclaimed and sustainably sourced coconut wood finished with organic coconut oil. Cali Wood Coconut Wood cutlery is super-cute and sure to delight!

    For kick-starting an eco-warrior!

    Onya have made it easy for us to choose the perfect eco-friendly gift to kick-start someone's environmentally friendly journey. We love the multi-packs of produce bags, food starter sets, and shopping tote bags

    Onya takes plastic and turns it into something we can use for years to come. 

    It’s Organic Darling!

    We know you want the best. And the best is organic, eco-friendly and reusable. So it’s good for us, our family and friends and for the planet. And now you know how to choose eco-friendly gifts that delight!