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Top 5 tips for buying organic skin and body care products

Every day we use cleanser, toner, moisturiser, foundation, makeup, wash our hair and body, use hair products and deodorant. The small amounts of chemicals in each product may be safe to use, but the amount we get through using all these different products adds up.

And we don’t know how safe that is. Choosing organic skin and body care products is one way we make sure we’re getting the best and reducing the toxic load to our body and to the environment.

At It’s Organic Darling we sell a huge range of organic skin and body care products.

Here are our top 5 tips for buying organic skin and body care products

  1. Choose what you actually need. Skincare routines have become more and more complex over the years. Because organic skin and body care products contain more high-quality ingredients rather than cheap fillers, you often only need to follow up after your cleaners with a serum or oil and moisturiser. Teen or problem skins might also need a toner.
  2. Nourish from the beginning. Choose cleansers and body washes that contain natural oils, like Real World Blood Orange & Harakeke Body Wash or Eco by Sonya Coconut & Mint Body Wash. By getting oils in first, you start nourishing your skin right from the start of your beauty routine.
  3. Brush off the old skin. In recent years exfoliants have been produced with microparticles of plastic to do the scrubbing. Luckily these products are now banned in New Zealand. When choosing an organic scrub, we definitely recommend choosing one where the exfoliants don’t just brush away the old skin but enrich and enhance the skin at the same time. This is why we love Eco by Sonya Super Acai Exfoliator.
  4. Think about your sunscreen. You might not think about sunscreen as part of your skin and body care routine, but in New Zealand, we really have to! Our harsh sun dries out our skin, damages our skin and increases the risk of skin cancer. Many sunscreens are packed with chemicals. We’ve selected a range of sunscreens that contain the best natural and organic ingredients to protect your skin.
  5. Don’t forget your armpits! Typically you’ll find a whole range of chemicals in deodorants. To reduce your chemical load, choose an organic deodorant instead. Made without aluminium and parabens, they use a range of natural ingredients to protect and keep us fresh all day.

Organic body and skin care products take the best that nature has to offer and reminds us of the ancient medicinal properties of plants and extracts.

All the products that we stock at It’s Organic Darling contain organic ingredients or are certified organic. Each product is packed with high-quality natural ingredients so a little is designed to go a long way.

You’ll also find we’ve partnered with producers who take care of the packaging to be sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly.

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