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Acupressure mat benefits that outweigh the ouch-factor!

Acupressure mats are a great way to experience the benefits of an acupressure massage from wherever you are (darling!)

And, if you're thinking those spikey bits look a bit intimidating, we're here to tell you the benefits far outweigh any potential ouch-factor!

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine where blocked energy is released by applying pressure. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture where blocked energy is released by inserting tiny needles into the energy points. 

6 benefits of using an acupressure mat

People who regularly use acupressure mats swear by them to help 

  1. Improve sleep
  2. Relax tense muscles
  3. Create a calm mind
  4. Relieve headaches
  5. Relax backaches
  6. Relieve digestive issues

How do acupressure mats work?

You might have seen pictures on IG, Pinterest or FB showing the ever-popular Shakti Mat.

Acupressure mats are slightly padded mats covered in several hundred plastic spikes. Instead of having to visit a TCM practitioner every time you have an ache or pain, you can reach for your acupressure mat instead. 

Keep one at home, in the corner of your home office, or at the bach.

The plastic spikes are the important thing on acupressure mats. They work by applying pressure to your skin and muscles.

Watch this video of the Shakti Mat in use here in New Zealand!

Don't be intimidated by the spikes! The pressure points create a tingle and heat in your skin that relaxes your muscles and mind. 

How to use your acupressure mat

The most simple way to use your acupressure mat is to lie on it! 

  • Lie flat on your back on a soft surface like your bed.
  • Lie flat on your back with your legs up the wall.
  • Put your acupressure mat on the floor or bed and lie on your belly.
  • Stand on your mat to experience relief.

You can also use an acupressure pillow to focus on your neck and shoulders. 

If you're not used to using an acupressure mat wear light clothing or cover the mat with a thin sheet before you use it. This will help you get used to the slightly unusual sensation!

You can lie on your acupressure mat for 10-20 minutes at a time. If you're new to acupressure, start with 10 minutes and gradually build up to 20 minutes.

What does it feel like to lie on an acupressure mat?

Makers of the Shakti Mat give us a really great guide to what it feels like to lie on the acupressure mat! 

In the first few seconds, your body is woken up by the slightly uncomfortable and prickly sensation. Make sure you relax into the experience because sometimes good things take time! The spikes start to attract blood to the area. 

After a couple of minutes, you'll notice your skin's getting warm. The ouch-factor is starting to subside and now it feels like you've had a bath in deep heat (without the overwhelming eucalyptus smell!).

Around five minutes after lying down on your acupressure mat, you'll start to relax and feel calm as the happy hormones your body is releasing do their work! Make sure you've put the alarm on because you might find yourself slipping into a nap! 

After your acupressure mat experience, you'll feel relaxed, revived and so not like going back to work!

Our favourite acupressure mat & pillow recommendation

Acupressure mats are portable, easy to use, and come in a variety of styles. 

If you're looking for help with neck and shoulder problems, you might want to explore the Acupressure pillows

Funnily enough, we rate Shakti Mats as one of the best acupressure mats. 


  • Shakti mats are made to last with high-quality materials. So you can keep enjoying the benefits of acupressure for years without your mat ending up in the landfill. 
  • The cotton fabric and dyes are certified organic.
  • The acupressure discs are carefully designed to maximise skin contact.
  • The company supports their workers with a living wage, education investment and medical funds. They also donate 10% of profits to charity. 

Get over the "ouch!", and enjoy the "ahhhh" that acupressure mats can bring!

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