“It’s Organic Darling” a phrase used by Lesley Dobson founder and director of the company, from when the time her children were babies, it was tongue and cheek and said in fun but was an effort to give them the best food available at the time….this now being over 15 years ago stemmed a love of organic products.

Proudly owned and operated in New Zealand.

The Story

At It’s Organic Darling we want you to feel good about yourself. We believe in true beauty on the inside and out and want to give you the confidence to be the best you can be. We want you to be kind to yourself and kind to the environment.

This is the start of our search to find the best products to help your health and wellbeing. Products with the highest quality ingredients, ethical, that taste good, feel good and are active!

We are all about “the story”, we love that companies are trying to make a difference and we want to celebrate this by bringing to you their stories.

We are very proud to be the Oceania Distributer for Qoleum. Qoleum is a New Zealand company specialising in a unique range of 100% natural and organic creams and oils designed to keep your muscles and body free from aches and pains, to assist sports performance, injury prevention and recovery.

Qoleum is a natural fit for our founder, having worked in the public and private sectors as a consulting Occupational Therapist and a Director of her company. Lesley had 15 years focusing on accident, injury prevention and rehabilitation, so knows the need to look after yourself.


“We aim to bring you a range of the best products we can find, consider quality over quantity and make every choice count… "